How to make 3 tone fondant gerberas – My way

Wow these little beauties took a long time to make and made in the middle of us moving house! Stressed is an understatement lol Then on the week of the wedding it was so humid I was having trouble with them staying firm. But in the end, as you can see with the final photo below it was worth every minute I spent on them :-) 

There are a few ways of making gerberas, and of course I chose the way that is very time consuming, but they look closer to the real gerbera than if I’d made it any other way!

I used gumpaste for the base petal for strength and then the rest was used with marshmallow fondant.

I bought 3 kinds of gerbera cutters… Crazy right lol but I had to make sure I experimented with all to see what would look more life like

{cutter a} These ones I used for the base petal only as it has more surface and wasn’t going to crack or break.

 {cutter b} These ones I had issues with coming off the cutters so I didn’t use them

{cutter c} These are the cutters I used for all the other petals :)

I used al-foil to cover a muffin tray to have the gerbera’s made on, and to dry into the shape I wanted. The easiest part of making these gerberas were the base petals, using the largest of the cutter ‘a.’

This one has the second layer of petals, I used the large cutter from the cutter ‘c’ and pressed lightly on them with a fondant tool to make them curl up slightly.

This layer I used the middle sized cutter c and cut each petal 3/4 way down, using a round nozzle tip cut out a circle in the middle. After you have glued this 3rd layer, spread the cut petals open a little.

And here are the steps to make the pink tone. Doing these were the most time consuming and I couldn’t do them ahead of time, they had to still be mouldable.  I used the smallest of the cutters from cutters ‘c.’

I think these photos below will explain the following steps.

Attaching the pink petals…..The reason they couldn’t be made ahead of time was because they’d dry out and I wouldn’t have been able to ‘pinch’ them into the centre which allowed the tips to poke up a little more. I did 2 layers of these :-)

The yellow petals and the black centre…
I used a sieve and pressed the black fondant onto to make the marks, then used a circle piping nozzle to cut to size. Cut the yellow fondant as shown below and use a little water in the centre to attach the black centre.

That’s a lot of gerberas! The ones on the bottom were fresh so they hadn’t yet formed their shape and gone hard, but I reallllllly wanted to take a photo lol

Here are some photo’s to share with you, my fiancé (who is a professional photographer hehe) took them on the day.

Happy baking and creating

From Karyn & Inara <3


  1. Kezza says:

    Honestly, this is an incredible amount of work with an absolutely amazing result. I had no idea how much work went into each one, even though I knew it was a lot of work.
    Absolutely beautiful Karyn, I have never seen a prettier gerbera ever. These cuppies look awesome, I can only imagine how happy the couple would have been.

    Thank you so much for sharing and going into such detail, you’re my favourite blogger dontchyaknow!

    Oh – what tip did you use for the IMBC? 1M or 2D???? Even your buttercream is perfect.

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